Visiting Artists

demonstrations & workshops

Every month, we have a variety of talented craftspeople who visit Afonwen Craft & Antique Centre. They’ll usually bring along a sample of their beautiful collections, perform entrancing demonstrations of their skills, and chat about their beautiful work.

We have visiting artists who specialise in:
Jewellery making, textile work, stichwork, weaving, illustration, painting (with various materials), hot wax art, greeting cards, and much more.

Upcoming Events

On occasions, artists might change the dates that they’re visiting us or might be unable to attend on short notice. If you are planning a visit to see a particular artist, please call in advance to check if the schedule is correct.

Jackie Jewels Crafts
Sat 23rd and Sun 24th March 2024

Jackie makes her lovely jewellery, using an assortment of beads, stones, crystals, shell, mother of pearl and wood, as well as some pewter pieces.  Jackie is happy to take commissions, and discuss any of your own ideas/wishes, plus she is able to offer a repair service for any of your own broken and treasured pieces.

Thurs 28th and Fri 29th March 2024

Sandra’s jewellery, is made using Eco Silver, which she has twisted and hammered, to give them a unique look, with many being available in matching pairs.  Sandra has lately been adding more stones to finish off her lovely pieces, with many being on display both these days. 

Sat 30th and Sun 31st March 2024

Stef Nicoll self taught artist who paints mainly landscapes and sea scapes as well as animals. Stef has a beautiful style to her work and will be working when with us both days.

Afonwen Craft & Antique Centre - Trevor Blackwell - Traditional Weaving _1
Fri 5th April 2024

Trevor weaves scarves & wraps perfect for chilly days, or to finish off that special outfit or evening wear, made from silk and wool, plus camel alpaca and more.  Trevor is always happy to stop weaving and chat, about this wonderful craft.  He also has handmade journals, knitted hats and a little bit of woodwork. 

Afownen Craft & Antique Centre - Front of Building
Wed 10th April 2024

The ladies will be working side by side adding to their wonderful knitwear and accessories by Maureen, whilst Alison makes greetings cards, and many other quirky gift items.

Thurs 11th and Fri 12th April 2024

Liz has made many gift items using Metal Tape Art, and she sells the starter packs to get you started.  For more info see

Afonwen Craft & Antique Centre - Thelma Evans Painting _1
Sat 13th and Sun 14th April 2024

Thelma will be holding another round of her art workshops, where under Thelma’s guidance you can get to grips with painting your own picture.  For more info, please contact Thelma direct on 01244 548501

Earth Diva
Tues 16th and Wed 17th April 2024

Marie has a very interesting display of handmade and hand painted items, with some being of a mythical theme.  Marie has been concentrating lately on her handmade jewellery, made using gemstones which she embeds into clay, paints, and makes assorted jewellery.  Marie also has some hand decorate/painted pots, in various colours and designs.

Tracey Davies
Thurs 18th and Fri 19th April 2024

Tracey loves to paint using watercolour, of portraits and paintings, of many different subjects.  Tracey also tutors watercolour workshops, where you can find more information at

Gill Bengamin
Sat 20th and Sun 21st April 2024

Gill paints a variety of subjects, and takes many commissions for her lovey art.  Gill will have many of her paintings on display this weekend, here at the centre, and is most happy to chat.

Jackie Jewels Crafts
Tues 23rd and Wed 24th April 2024

Jackie has been busy adding to her large collection of handmade jewellery and accessories, made using many different beads and gemstones to suit most ages.

Kate - Noodle & Norman
Fri 26th April 2024

Kate makes all of her jewellery, using polymer clay, where every piece is unique due to variation in colours and styling. Kate takes inspiration from places she visits, where she then tries to create the scene through painting with the clay.  All of her jewellery is made using hypoallergenic stainless steel, 18K gold or sterling silver.

Sat 27th and Sun 28th April 2024

Sandra makes much of her jewellery in her own workshop, where each piece is unique.  Sandra welcomes commissions and is happy to discuss any ideas you may have.

Tues 30th April 2024

Handmade jewellery in stunning colours and designs, plus handmade quirky gifts and greetings cards available in both English and Welsh.

Trevor Blackburn
Fri 3rd May 2024

Trevor will be busy weaving his wonderful shawls, scarves, and other cosy items, which he is happy to demonstrate and explain the various yarns he uses.  Trevor will also be here at the end of this month, and this will probably be his last visit before winter.

Sat 4th and Sun 5th May 2024

Stef paints various subjects, where she finds much of her inspiration on her walks in Snowdonia and the Lake District.  Stef welcomes commissions and is happy to discuss any of your wishes.

Thurs 9th and Fri 10th May 2024

All of Sandra’s jewellery is made from Eco Silver, which is silver left over from the jewellery industry, where Sandra has twisted, and hammered, to give that bevelled look for some of her pieces, and the others she has finished using pretty stones and crystals.

Earth Diva
Sat 11th and Sun 12th May 2024

Marie has made many of her quirky and unusual items, from her original designs, but is constantly looking at ways to make each piece unique, with her design and embellishing.  Marie has also made some different styles of jewellery, from clay and crystals, which she then decorates and hand paints.

Tues 14th and Wed 15th May 2024

Liz makes all her gift items using Metal Tape Art, where she also sells the kits to get you started.  Liz is happy to demonstrate and guide you to getting started, as well as having many of her gift items on display and available to purchase.

Tracey Davies
Thurs 16th and Fri 17th May 2024

Tracey has lots of interest shown to her wonderful paintings and portraits, which she paints from photographs.  Tracey also runs and tutors’ watercolour workshops where more information can be found at

Afonwen Craft & Antique Centre - Thelma Evans Painting _1
Sat 18th and Sun 19th May 2024

Thelma used to teach art, and still runs her own workshops, where you can pick up the basics with Thelma’s guidance.  For more information, please call Thelma on 01244 548501

Crafty Sisters
Tues 21st May 2024

The ladies make jewellery, which they embellish, alongside some quirky tote bags, children’s hair accessories and Handmade greetings cards.

Jackie Jewels Crafts
Wed 23rd and Thurs 24th May 2024

Jackie makes all of her jewellery, with an assortment of beads, stones,  and crystals, and takes many commissions for her lovely jewellery, as well as being able to offer a repair service for any of your own broken pieces.

Gill Benjamin
Sat 25th and Sun 26th May 2024

Gill paints various subjects, some of stunning local scenes, plus some land and seascapes.  Gill is happy to take commissions and chat through any ideas of your own.

Trevor Blackburn
Fri 31st May 2024

This will be Trevor’s last visit until October, so another opportunity to pop along and watch Trevor at work weaving his fabulous items, made with various yarns and assorted colours.

Noodle & Norman
Sat 1st and Sun 2nd June 2024

 Kate makes many different styles of her clay jewellery, with many pieces on display both these days.  Each piece, she tries to make unique, due to styling and decoration, with all her pieces made with hypoallergenic stainless steel, 18K gold and sterling silver.

Thurs 6th and Fri 7th June 2024

Liz has made many lovely items, using metal tape art, to include journals and notebooks, pretty gift tags, plus the packs of metal tape art to get you started.

Sat 8th and Sun 9th June 2024

Sandra makes her jewellery, using Eco Silver, plus many different stones, to include peridot, agate, crystals and frosted glass, as well as recently using some new pearls.  Sandra welcomes commissions and is happy to chat over any of your wishes and ideas.

Tracey Davies
Thurs 13th and Fri 14th June 2024

Tracey has completed many portraits and paintings, and loves to paint in watercolour, where recently she has been holding and tutouring watercolour workshops.  For more information, please contact Tracey at

Afonwen Craft & Antique Centre - Thelma Evans Painting _1
Sat 15th and Sun 16th June 2024

Thelma taught art for many years, and paints on canvas in delicate pastel colours of local scenes and places of interest, as well as many lovely floral scenes.

Want to Join Us?

Please talk to someone in the gift shop or give us a call on 01352 720965 if you wish to join us and use the visiting artist room.

You can book to use this room for a single day or multiple days in a row.

However, you must create your items of art or crafts yourself and be able to demonstrate your skills while visiting us.