Safety Precautions

Keeping You Safe

Afonwen Craft and Antique Centre – including Edenshine Restaurant – are fully open! Due to the current restrictions, we can only welcome people living in Flintshire. We can currently take bookings for tables of up to 6 people (which excludes children under 11), but everyone on the table must live in the same household.

For everyone’s protection, we’re taking numerous precautions across the whole centre, as well as in the restaurant. You can find details about this below. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

We’re really looking forward to seeing you all again.

Janet & Adrian

Changes in the Restaurant

Social Distancing

We’re going to be asking everyone to wait at the internal restaurant door for a team member to take you to your table. This will give us the chance to explain how things work and ensure we don’t have too many people in the restaurant at any one time.

Indoor gatherings should be in groups of up to two households (including support bubbles). Outdoor gatherings of 6 people or less can be from any number of households, but outdoor gatherings of 7 or more should only be from up to two households (including support bubbles).


We’re encouraging people to book over lunchtime (between 11:45am and 3:00pm) to avoid disappointment. We’ll always do our best to seat you, but please bear with us. At other times, those without bookings may need to queue. As much as we’d like to get everyone a table, it may not always be possible. If possible, please ring ahead to book your table. That said, you should usually be fine without a booking if you’re visiting in the morning or late afternoon. 

On busy days, we will be introducing a time limit on your table. This will typically be 2 hours, but please talk to us if you feel this is not enough time for you.

Government Test & Trace Scheme

If you come into the restaurant, we’ll need to record contact details from a member of each party (as per the Government’s guidelines). This information will be stored for 21 days and then destroyed.

Table Service

We’ll do our best to keep a safe distance when taking orders and serving your table. You’ll also notice some changes to the way we’re laying the tables. To reduce the ‘contact’ with cutlery, we’re placing the knives, forks, and napkins in containers and placing them on your table. Salt and pepper shakers will be cleaned after every use.

Space Between Tables

We’ve carefully adjusted the distance between tables and the positioning of chairs in the restaurant. We’ve also added screens for added protection. We ask that you do not move tables or chairs (our team will do this if required).

Cake Cabinet

You’re still able to pop up to the counter to take a look at our fabulous cakes. We’ll then come to your table to take your order. However, please be aware of other customers when you’re moving around the room.


We’re bringing all bills to the table with the card machine. We’re encouraging card payment but can still take cash.

Outside Tables

We have built 6 bays for outdoor tables, and have some other tables spaced out in the outside area too. The bay area has a roof and two sides, with plenty of ventilation. This will protect you against the elements, but may not keep you completely dry if it rains. These outdoor tables will generally not be available for booking. Please pop your head inside the restaurant to tell us you are there and we’ll come out with menus and take your order.

Dogs are welcome outside but are not permitted inside. Please ask us if you need water for them!

Please also do not smoke in the outside bays, as smoke may travel into the other bays. We have other tables located away from the bays which we can add an umbrella to for sun and drizzle protection.

Changes in the Centre

Hand Sanitiser

There’s hand sanitiser near the entrance to to the centre, which we’re asking everyone to use as they enter and exit the building. We have sanitiser by all tills as well.

Plastic Screens

For your safety, we now have plastic screens in front of till areas. This allows wonderful chatting in a safe environment when purchasing things. We’re encouraging card payments but are still happy to accept cash. Please feel free to sanitise your hands at this point, especially if you have touched items while shopping.

Social Distancing Marks

We’ve also added social distancing marks on the floor. These illustrate the safe distance between you and others that are not in your party. We understand this is hard, but we’re asking everyone to respect each other’s space. This might mean that you have to step to one side or wait a moment while someone passes you.

The building can’t be operated in a one-way system, but we think that we can all easily negotiate around the corridors, shops, and upstairs.


We want to reassure you that we’re following the highest of cleaning standards in the centre and restaurant. All of our team are washing their hands every twenty minutes, tables and chairs are cleaned after each customer has left, menus are cleaned after every use, and other touchpoints are sanitised every half an hour.


We’re regularly cleaning the toilets. We also have hand sanitiser located outside the toilets and recommend you use this when leaving the area.

Visitor Restrictions

Finally, we are monitoring the number of people inside at any one time. During busier periods, this means we may need to ask that you wait outside for a little while. This is to ensure everyone has enough room to move safely and comfortably move around.

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