Edenshine Restaurant

Puddings and Sweets

Made with our special recipe and topped with a generous amount of our rich chocolate fudge. This is truly delicious served warm or at room temperature!

9' round, 12 to 16 portions     £18.00

Huge round, serves 20+     £37.00

9" serves 12-16. This is a truly delicious pudding, made with a biscuit base, gooey caramel fresh cream and finished with your choice of topping     £18.00

Peach and Raspberry *
Juicy Blackcurrants *
Chocolate Fudge *
Juicy Mixed Berries*

9" square: A light chocolate sponge soaked with a tipsy combination of rum, amaretto and brandy with a little coffee.

Topped with a delicious boozy cream cheese frosting and a sprinkle of cocoa powder     £20.00

9" round serves 12-16 made with a light sponge and filled with your choice     £18.00

Peach and Raspberry *
Coffee and Mandarin (with coffee sponge) *
Pineapple, coconut and Rum *
Juicy Blackcurrants *
Fresh Strawberry (depends on season)
Peach and Mandarin *

9" square serves 12-16. Biscuit base topped with a delicious creamy cheesecake and a flavour of your choice     £18.00

Irish cream and chocolate *
Peach and Raspberry *
Juicy Blackcurrants *
Fresh Lemon & Chocolate *
Juicy Mixed Berries *

11" round a delicious sweet pastry base, preserve and ground almond frangipane sponge.

This is then iced and decorated with nuts and cherries     £14.00

Our secret recipe cake, made with no sugar and no fat - but full of pineapple, coconut, cherries, nuts and dried mixed fruits. 5 slices     £10.00

A light coffee sponge layered with our creamy coffee butter icing and preserve and topped with even more icing, finally finished with walnuts. 9" round serves 12-16     £18.00.

Serves 20+ people     £37.00

Our delicious carrot cake is made with sultanas and walnuts, and orange zest topped with cream cheese frosting     £18.00 (G.F)

Made with our sweet pastry and filled with a large amount of tasty sweet mincemeat per half dozen     £6.00

Made with our delicious light recipe choose either plain or fruit scones half dozen     £6.00

Made to order for all occasions. Starting at     £18.00

Please ask for details. Please look at our website & Facebook for lots of pictures of both cakes and the take home party foods.

We always do our best to take all orders - as everything is handmade, we ask that orders be placed with plenty of notice. During busy periods such as Christmas, we may ask if you would be happy for your quiches & sausage rolls to be frozen on collection. Of course if you would like them pre cut, defrosted for collection or even fresh we will do our best to help.